On that particular October day, the weather had been gorgeous opposite to the cruel Indian Summer. Randomness might well have been the theme of the season being a sliver of calm. It was under the this hazy sway that Trupti walked into the Old Fort in Mysore, on a beautiful and peaceful October evening.

Mysore (officially Mysuru) is the third most populous city of Karnataka. Being located in the foothills of Chamundi Hills, Mysore gains the attraction of millions of tourists per year. Trupti yearned to know more about Mysore from the local tourist guides, who eagerly jumped off from their places to attend their young and charming costumer. She attentively listened to the short-heighted guide, Laxman, who had a bald patch on his head and whose ears looked bigger than anyone else. Trupti got amazed by the fact that Mysore has been a great city of attraction and armour since 14th century when it used to be the Capital City of Kingdom of Mysore for around six centuries. Mythology says that, Mysore comes from the name Mahisa(Mahisashura) who ruled the ancient parts of Mysore and was killed by Goddess Chamundeshwari(Durga). It was comfortable for Trupti to roam around Mysore that day because she had chosen the perfect time to visit Mysore which has tropical savanna climate. So May and October are the best times to visit Mysore without any discomfort.

She entered into the premises of the magnificent, eye-catching and illustrious Mysore Palace, with her constantly nagging tourist guide. Laxman kept on blabbing about the Great Monument standing right infront of them while Trupti was lost in her own thoughts. She gazed at the whole structure with constant feeling of shivering amusement. She felt as if it wasn't any age-old Palace standing in front of her, rather it was a King, a mighty King of the Kingdom of Mysore standing with his sword and curling his fat round moustache, depicting the valour of the emperors of ancient Mysore. Trupti froze in her thoughts. Her mind travelled back to the stories of Kings and Queens, which she used to read when she was a child.

"Madam", poked Laxman.
He was confused and later felt happy upon the thought that his descriptions about the place has left his customer stunningly astonished.
"Haan Laxman ji, aap boliye main sun rahi hun", said Trupti.
The city was blessed with perpetually pleasant weather that evening and both Trupti and Laxman walked towards the Amba Vilas Palace (Mysore Palace).

“Madam, the palace was built in around 1897 and the construction got over in 1912”.
“Oh really! It smells so oldly enchanting”.
“Yes Madam” replied the more excited guide. “It was built after the old Palace was burnt ablaze”.

As we were not allowed to enter into the premises of the palace, we decided to take a ride on the horse-cart. The rides were moderately priced and many other tourists were enjoying as like me with my guide. Laxman kept on informing me about the insides of the palace showing the pictures in that catalogue. Inside the huge Palace, there are hundreds of halls separated from each other. Among them are two Durbar Halls(meeting halls), Ambavilas (hall for private audience), Gombe Thoti(a gallery of traditional dolls from nineteenth and twentieth century) and Kalyana Mantapa(marriage hall). Apart from the inner beauty, the palace complex includes twelve major Hindu temples for the Royal family to worship. Trupti’s mind was wandering a little while later, distracted by the people and the conversations already bristling around.

“150 rupees Madam” intervened the owner of the cart.

They got down the cart and it was already dark. As darkness eased into fading sunlight, each corner of the Royal Palace got lightened up with hundreds of lights and bulbs. The city had slipped silently into that magical space between the soft dark skies and the glowing enormous structure. After paying the cart owner, Trupti realised it's already late and she cannot manage to visit the two other beautiful places of Mysore- Brindavan Garden and Chamundeshwari Temple. So she finally kept them for the day after and resided that night near the palace in a hotel.

The next morning, early winter's purity pierced the morning air with ferocious beauty as Trupti settled down for Breakfast - Mysore Masala Dosa. The tiny restaurant, nestled within a garden served the finger licking and tastiest dosa Trupti had ever had. The leafy corner of the restaurant caught hold of Trupti's attention and made her feel blessed with a place in silence. As soon as she finished eating, she felt the need to visit Chamundeshwari Temple at first. And this time she didn't need a guide ofcourse. She made her way towards the temple in a local cab, grinding down the endlessly bumpy roads, the city quickly gave way to the distant hills and a rural vibe.

At Chamundi hills the air was thick with a deep sense of spirituality and religion. Trupti felt like it was throwback from another time, time of old medieval town brimming full with traditions and stories and mysteries. The cab took round and round turns of the hill and reached up above to the place where the temple is situated. Motorized vehicles were not allowed to the nearest so she got down from the cab, paid the driver and walked towards the temple.

13 kms away from the city of Mysore, not only freed the place from honking and torrent of smoke, but also refreshed the mind of people with nature's beauty. Goddess Chamundi resides inside the Chamundeshwari Temple. According to the talks of local people, it's known that Goddess Chamundi (Durga) is the Royal Deity of Mysore Maharajas. The temple is of quadrangular structure built in Dravidian style. Images of Nandi(bull mount of Shiva) are present everywhere inside the Temple.

After buying some Prasad sweets, Trupti took a cab and went straight to her next place of visit in Mysore.

In the Brindavan garden, she got suffused with a sense of forlorn beauty that couldn't be fathomed. In between the teeming crowds and the silent spaces, another subject that received her full attention was the Garden. The Brindavan garden lies adjoining the Krishnarajasagar Dam, which is built across river Kaveri. The Garden was constructed during 1927-1932. It has topiary works and the whole garden has been laid out in three terraces with water fountains which is the main attraction of the place. The lightening water fountains are synchronised to music at night. The garden comprises water areas inside it's premises and there are facilities of water games and boating.

Trupti was running out of time and she had her flight in 3 hours. She asked another tourist to take a full photograph of her before retracing her steps outside the Garden's peculiar beauty. As her cab began winding its way towards the Mysore domestic airport, the driver put on some bollywood songs. At the airport, just as the noon struck, Trupti felt jovial that she could visit the three most attractive places of Mysore and couldn't wait to revisit them.

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