Let's clear up a common fallacy about the meaning of creative thinking. For some reasons, science, engineering, art and writing have got the tag of creative thinking. We call them Creative Writers, who invent something and who create something that's new. But come to practical life. A father tries to engage his child in a constructive way, a family turns the ugliest space of their garden into a beautiful flower place, selling products to an 'impossible costumer’ in the same price and many more real life incidents are also the creative thinkings of people.

Creative thinking is simply finding new, improved ways to do anything in life

The question is, how to be a creative thinker in day to day life ? Below there are some practical and vital points that will surely help you out in being a creative thinker.

Believe it can be done. Once you believe in something, you can easily find out ways to improve your work. Your mind will create new methods to do it. Avoid "won't work" and "can't do" from your life.

Don't always stay dependent on traditional ways. Start thinking new. Push your brain to think of something unique. Search for new ideas around you. Watch creative shows, read creative books. Create yourself, an environment of experimental psychology.

Question yourself. Yes that's a very short and effective way to be creative. Ask yourself "How can I do better?" and "How can I do more?". Trust me, answers will be audible to you. There's no limit to self-improvement. Once you catch the technique, no one can stop you.

Get in habit of listening and asking. Never pull yourself back from asking someone for new ideas. Ask some of your well known peers about new ideas. Discuss with them. Listen to them. That's important. Really. Listening will develop your qualities of thinking more. You can achieve more materials to develop new ideas.

Lastly, it's all about how we handle our mind. We train and manage our thinking according to our need. Once you train your mind to create new ideas, you will gain the power. Ideas are highly perishable. So you need to guard them time to time until they are into practical sphere.

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