Be good, leave rest upon God !!

Written by Bibin David

Hii everyone I am going to write a story about a guy who was living a normal life with his family and friends .His weakness was his freinds ,His inspiration was his cousin brother ,Here I am going to write how his life changed and what he has faced after a enjoying life.

The guy was born in Kerala ,but settled in a small village called Diva in Maharashtra,He was living along with his family consist of father ,mother and younger brother..He was a simple guy with little ego and anger ,but people used to love him because he was having a helping mentality ,As the life was going good ,at the last year of his graduation his father passed away due to throat cancer,Even they have done many things to save  his father life but due to lack of money they can't give him the proper treatment,After that the guy always used to think what's next ?,as he was the only hope for his mother and brother ,So immediately after his exams he started to going to work ,he was very happy as he thought the salary will be enough to meet the house expenses and brother studies ,but God has an another plan for him .After 32 days of job ,he was with his freinds home having a small party ,suddenly he got head ache , vomiting and got unconscious..the freinds changed his dress immediately and took him to the hospital ,Only because of Gods grace my freinds took him in hospital in time as the doctor told if he was late for  five minutes he might have losed his life ,Still the  medicine were not working on his body , Doctors told his mother and freinds after 3 days only we can say something ,The hospital was surrounded by his freinds ,some went to collect Money as they know that my family cannot bear the hospital expenses,But after correct 3 days medicine started working on his body ,it's only because of the prayer of his mother and freinds.Then to his left side was paralysed as he got brain hammerage .The hospital expense was nearly 4 lakhs ,His freinds paid it took one month to get him back on normal life ..but doctors advised him to take rest for 2 years as it was the medicine course.

For him,but still the boy believed that everything happens for a reason .But he was never ready to be take rest ,he started taking tutions with the help of his mother ,As he was not interested in tution after one year of rest he joined a new job.

 As everything was going the right way after two months of his work he got strokes ,he has to leave his job ,then he again waited for another 10 months for the completion of the course of medicine ,During this 10 months his freinds  and younger brother looked after him ,so he called his freinds as his family ,as the 10 months was going to end ,he got a job ,he again was happy and started of dreaming his small life,atlast his joining day came ,but faith has decided something else in his life ,He was very glad that he got a job and completed his course of medicine.,He woke up happily,and was ready to go for his job to complete his dreams.He said bye to his mother and walked for his office,it was a rainy day ,he reached station waiting for the train ,He left 5 trains  as it was crowded ,then he decided to get on train as he don't want to be late in the first day of his job,however he get on the train ,it was overcrowded ,after two stations he was literally outside one man gave him support but near the Thane station he was thrown from the train .He lost hi one leg in the spot,Then a freind just came to see who was there ,He saw that his freind was lying there ,He called the police in charge and took me to the civil hospital nearby and informed everyone , he was unconscious ,then everyone came to the hospital,some came from college some from working some from home even without wearing his footwears .While taking to sion Hospital on the way he got conscious and asked his freind that  I losed my legs ,but still his freind told nothing to worry we want to go to hospital and stitch your legs again he got unconscious ,he reached the hospital ,all his friends relatives were near the hospital crying for his life ,atlast operation took place in 3 am,operation was successful but he lost both his legs ,but his cousin brother made his mother and younger brother day they took him to the ward ,for the first 3

 Days he was always crying ,then he realised that he is son of God ,on the same day 17 train accidents occurred ,he was the only one who got his life back ,he became positive and his confidence increased as everyone was with him .But he was suffering badly in sion Hospital ,but again due to gods grace ,Nuns from the St Elizabeth Hospital came to meet him after reading his article in newspaper like angels and took to their hospital for free treatment ,so it was other turning point ,he recovered quickly ,he got his artificial legs from ottobock (artificial limbs made from German technology).He got many prayers and even financial helps,Now he is damn happy with his artificial limbs,His confidence never came down ,He is still hoping for the best , moreover he has got the strongest mother ,he is strong still he has a smile on his face ,the only thing is please remember him in your prayers ..

 So u may face many challenges in life , sometimes it will be good ,sometimes bad ,but never give up on your dreams.According to this guy he is always positive and moreover he got the strongest mother brother and he made some great freinds ,Always try to be rich wether whatever happens to you and Trust on God abundantly. PRAISE THE LORD


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