Alcohol and Harry Potter

Written by Ridham Pathania

"Please get up , please speak something....(shrieking and crying).You can't do this to me.No Jamessssss You can't ,hey James!!! .No!No!No!"




"Hey Mary wake up,another bad dream ?",asked james.Mary woke up in fright and sobs.

 "Yes William ,I miss him so much.I don't want to live .I wanna die",said Mary.

"Oh honey, don't be sad .what has happened can't be undone.but I am here for you always.Always remember your husband William is always by your side,well even I miss him too",William whispered in a sad voice.

Mary got up from the bed heavy hearted and started getting ready for work.

William came running to kitchen,"hey honey see again you are in the news.Famous psychiatrist Dr.Mary solves another case and her name is forwarded for the award of best doctors.Congrats honey!!! I think we should celebrate.Lets go out for lunch today" Mary sat on the chair with heavy sigh and said,"without him my awards don't matter,I want to die".

Suddenly the ringing phone interrupted there talk.

"Hello Dr.Mary please come to clinic urgently.We have another complicated case.",said the receptionist.

"yeah!! I am reaching in five minutes" said Mary and disconnected the call.

Today Mary's life was about to take turn.She never knew what destiny holds in the future.The moment she reached the hospital, everyone greeted her with respect.But as usual she was very rude and ignored people.

Old Ramu Kaka was cleaning the floor and Mary stepped on the wet floor.

Ramu Kaka,"Beta Mary kindly see ,I have just swept the floor".

Mary in fury said,"Oh you old man get out of my way.I know what I am doing,stay in your sweeper" and went furiously in her cabin.

Ramu Kaka was sobbing standing on one side.Receptionist tried to console her dear Kaka. 

Ramu Kaka said,"I know Mary is not like that,It's been a year I have seen her smile.I miss those days when our Mary used to greet me and wish me each morning,but it's not her fault.Destiny has snatched her happiness ,her world,her reason to live.But I admire her spirit with which each day she fight against all odds and come to work.I hope time heals everything!"Mary was sitting in her cabin,lost.... suddenly her chain of thoughts broken by the entrance of a fifteen year fair normal built boy with curly golden brown hair with his mother.As the boy entered Mary was in a state of shock, stood still and was again lost in thoughts.

Suddenly the boy shouted,"Expecto patronum "

Mary asked the boy to sit down and asked

"What is your name dear?"

"I am harry potter"

"How old are you?"

"I am fifteen year old."

"Ok. Where do you study?"

"I study at Hogwarts."

Suddenly the boy's mother started crying,"He is Jatin,my son.I don't know from where he got addicted to drugs and alcohol."

"Ohhh..tell me more about the history."

"2 years back he started behaving abnormally.He started to lock himself in his room.He was the topper of his class,but from last 2 years he has failed in tenth class twice."

"Then how did you found out he is taking drugs?"

"While I was cleaning his room few months back,I found out in his trousers some packets, which were having drugs.On enquiring he denied and said his classmate has put it"

"Did he stopped using the drugs?"

"No ,he continued using it and yesterday came to home drunk,and was talking like harry Potter.Please save my child.I don't know what has happened to him.Please doctor do something..."

"Does he like harry potter?"

"Yes,he is a big fan of harry potter ,he always talks about harry and Voldemort."

Tears were rolling down Mary's eye.She became quiet as if past is repeating itself.Mary's eye became filled with horror and she became sad.

"Doctor,what happened?Why are you crying?Please tell me what happened to my son?"

"He is under the influence of alcohol and drugs.That is why he is hallucinating and thinks himself as Harry Potter, alcohol has severely affected his brain and system"

Suddenly Jatin screamed,"I will kill you Voldemort with my wand.You will die and I will win....Avada kedavara"

Jatin got up from chair and with staggering gait ran towards door but fall down and became unconscious.

Dr.Mary came running and called the nurses.

"Nurse,admit him quickly.Stabilize the patient and perform gastric lavage .We need to detoxify him.Then put him on medicines."

Jatin's treatment was carried out and was kept under observation for 24 hours.

Dr.Mary was with him as if he was his own son.Everyone was surprised and happy to see Dr.Mary talking in polite and compassionate manner with the patients after a year.Everyone was wondering who changed the attitude of Mary.

Jatin's mother enquired,"Dr.Mary I want my child to leave drugs.How it could be possible.This is a remote area and no de-addiction  centre is available nearby?"

Suddenly an Idea striked Mary and she asked Jatin's mother to come back after a week.

After one week.....

Jatin's mother saw the newspaper and the headline read

"New Milestone reached by Dr.Mary.De-addiction centre and NGO for the help of teens opened in our small town."

Jatin's mother's was very Happy and took Jatin and admitted him there.

Then she went to Dr.Mary and asked,

" Thank you so much Dr.Mary.Can I ask you  one thing please?"


"Doc,you don't know us then Why you decided to help us?"

"Like Jatin my son was fifteen years old.He was a great fan of Harry potter.Somehow he got addicted to drugs and alcohol and like your son denied to accept that he took drugs.

One fine evening he came home from late night party and he was so much under the influence of alcohol that he jumped out of the window.I ran and tried waking him up but my James was no more:("

"Oh! I am sorry."

"In your son I found the reflection of my own son.Your son changed the perspective of my life.Now I have opened an NGO and in these children I found my son disguised in them.If I am able to make a little difference in their lives ...I will be happy and will continue to serve them whole life just to find my lost happiness."


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