A Real Nightmare

Written by Yasmin Shaban

In middle of forest, pindrop silence

Only noises of night animals, enjoying 

their night, without knowing someone is hiding to save life.

Cool air touches me, it's midnight. 

I heard the footsteps coming towards me. I hold my breath so the person doesn't hear me. My condition is getting worsen as I am injured.

Are you confused who am I? 

And why and whom I am hiding from? 

So let's start from beginning.......

Myself  Ahana Chaturvedi, 

It all started from a dream, I got one night.

“Hey Ree, where are you” I asked as I reached Rina’s house.

“I am up here” she answered back,from upstairs.

So I walked upto the roof. To find her standing at the edge of building.

“What are you doing , come down or you’ll fall” I said 

“REEE” I shouted

And than, I woke up by the noise of my annoying alarm. I wipe out my sweat over my face,drank water, from the table beside my bed.

I look at the time, it's 5 am.

I went downstairs to see my mom cooking , and dad reading newspaper. I went directly in dinning room, greeted them and started with my breakfast. 

My phone rang..

“Hello” I said

“Ahana Ree, Ree” she said and started crying 

“What happened to Ree?” I asked frightened 

“Come at her house” she said and disconnected

I went back to dining room, my parents were still eating. I informed them and left.

I reached at Rina's house in 15 min. I saw police van and ambulance parked nearby, still afraid to go inside i could see my friends


“What's happening?” I asked Angel

“Ree jumped from her house roof” Angel said

“What?” i shouted

“But how is this possible, she was happy go lucky, she can't do this” I said

“same thought” Angel said

“Guys look at  Nick, what is he doing here” Aryan said as he pointed towards Nick.

“Maybe to enquire?” I said and smiled towards Nick as he smiled back.

“Ok guys, let's go” Aryan said

And we all left, I informed my parents about the incident and they were shocked as well. 

After 2 days

“Hey what are you doing here” Aryan said

“As if you don't know” the person said

“What do you mean?” Aryan said

“It's now your turn” the person said and pushed Aryan into swimming pool.

“ARYAN”I shouted

And woke up from yet another nightmare. No no this can't be true, anyway Aryan is a swimming champion.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, it was Angel at 5 in the evening  she never calls at this hour.

“Hello” I said

“Come to Rocky’s place” she said and disconnected

Rocky is one of our common friend.

I got up, freshened and left.

I walk towards them, And I was about to say when one of the officer came towards us.

As Rocky was an orphan, we were asked to recognise his body.

We were shocked at the sight, his body looked as if all the blood was drained out.

Soon our confusion was cleared by the officer.

He died due to electric shock, from the  main supply due to which his house caught fire, he informed.

He recognized us, as he met us at Rina’s house, and asked to be careful.

“What's happening, guys? First Rina and now Rocky” Aryan said

“Don't know men, but be careful I am taking Ang with me” Nick said and left with a smile

“When will he stop flirting with you?” Aryan said 

“Aryan it was consoling smile not flirting and don't forget I only love you” I said and hugged him.

“Love you 2, come let's go out today” he said

“No not today” I said looking towards the building 

“Ok, let me know in case you change your mind” he said

“Ok” I said

We left from there, and currently I am  thinking of today. Maybe i should go with Aryan it will be relaxing.

So I called him, he picked up but was not talking to me rather someone else….

“You know I am a swimming champion it won't be easy to kill me” Aryan said

“Ok then, let's see” the other person said

And suddenly there was a sound of someone falling in water.

“Aryan” I shouted and left from my house

“ARYAN” I shouted

He is gone forever now. What did we do to face this?

“What we did?” I shouted again….

Soon police reach there took out Aryan's Body from  pool and left alongwith me.

I was lost in thoughts when my phone rang suddenly,

“Hello” I said

“Ahana it's Nick” the person said

“Do you Know where Angel is?” He asked

“No why?” I asked

“She is missing from evening” he said

“What, i am coming there”  I said

“No you come to forest near our house, she was last seen there” he said

“Ok ” I said and ran towards the forest

I reached there in about 30 mins But was unable to find Nick so i called him.

“Where are you” I asked 

“Behind you” he said in the phone and hugged me from behind

“What are you doing? Leave me” I said as I tried to come out of his hold

Same time, I recollected the voice, the same voice Aryan was talking to.

“You...you killed Aryan” I said

“Yes” he said

“Why?” I asked and pushed him as I came out of his grip.

“But why, you killed everybody?” I asked again

“For you” he said

“Are you crazy” I shouted

“Yes in love” he said smiling

“I don't love you” I said

“Don't worry you will fall once we are togetther” he said heading towards me

“Go away” I said and pushed him

And started running towards jungle, i fell down somewhere in middle, landed up in cuts and was bleeding profusely. 

I got up to see the thing i fell with

It was a head. ANGEL.’S HEAD

“ANGEL” I shouted 

I heard the footsteps heading towards me. I found an oak tree near me and hid behind it

“Ahana, oh you found Angel” he said

“Caught you” he said as he caught my hand

“Leave me, leave me” I shouted

“No” he said

“I will tell everyone once I get out of here” I said

“No you won't, you love me” he said

“I don't love you” I shouted

“Then you leave me no choice” he said

“What?” I said

“If you are not mine I won't let you be anyone else” he said and pointed gun on my forehead

“No” I said again and pushed him

I ran deeper in woods, away from him and he started running behind me.

‘Thank God, i called up police ”, I recalled

I was at a cliff and  Nick behind me holding gun.

Suddenly i heard a gunshot. I close my eyes in fear of pain which never came and i saw Nick holding his chest.

As he fell down i could see police behind him. 

I had a sigh of relief

“If we can't live together we will die together” Nick shouted approaching me

He hugged me and jumped off the cliff with me.

The End

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